Virtual Staging

At Virtual Staging we focus on portraying a beautiful yet realistic presentation of your empty property. We use digital images of real furniture and fittings to creating perspective and interest for a fresh perspective of your property.

Bring empty rooms to life

Virtual Staging can remove or completely remove and replace existing furniture and personal items to protect valuable collections or artwork. This allows agents to provide tenants the option of protecting their personal belongings.

Professional, friendly Service

We offer a truly professional service where integrity and discretion are our primary focus. Virtual Staging offers an efficient service with a quick turnaround to save time and money and reduce an already stressful process as well as adding perceived value to your property.

Our Services

General Staging
Virtual Staging takes care of your empty property to show it in the best possible light with the look of physical staging yet without the time, cost or stress that go with arranging that.
Decluttering is very useful for overly cluttered properties, whether the owner’s or tenant’s or where there is a need for privacy of valuable collections, be it artwork or the like.
Restaging is taking Decluttering one step further where the existing furniture is removed entirely and replaced with new staging, showing the inviting space of the property as well as showing its liveable potential to new buyers.